4 April 06


powitanie! welcome to the warmowski family online home. this site was launched august 2005 to publish the genealogical research of richard warmowski and to extend that work by connecting people around the world who share this rare surname. the site is maintained in chicago by rob warmowski.

is your name warmowski? contact us and let us know who you are!

news: richard's warmowski family history drafted june 2005

aug 1 2005 conducting painstaking research in cities and towns across the united states, poland, germany and mexico, richard warmowski has compiled a warmowski family history spanning three centuries and at least two continents. not only has he has traced the name back to 1850s poland, he has crafted a very illuminating document of the family past and present. over three years in the making, his work is a must-read for all warmowskis from chicago to krakow (and everywhere else.)

richard warmowski's family history will be available for download here soon. and you can believe he will be interested in hearing your feedback!


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